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Wendy Helliwell

Having grown up in the 80’s, mixed-media artist Wendy Helliwell's work is influenced by Fashion, Pop Culture, Advertising and the growing visual media of the age (Vogue, The Face, I.D, MTV and Cosmopolitan).

A keen environmentalist, she recycles as much as possible through her art.


Wendy Helliwell


Primarily self-taught, Wendy advanced her passion studying courses at Edinburgh College of Art. Her spirit for fashion, style and identity, remaining sustainable in her approach sees her mixing traditional materials with unconventional consumer related glossy magazines, make-up, nail-polish, receipts, tags, old clothing and other throw-away effects in her fusion of painting and collage based compositions.

Wendy celebrates fashion, culture and colour with her contemporary mixed media artworks. She aims to represent the modern consumer landscape with a combination of celebration and critique of behaviours and identities by disassembling and reconstructing the cultural symbols, motifs and paradigms of the past and present. This results in colourful, tactile, eye-catching works often depicting an unplanned narrative and frequently presenting themselves in 3D form for maximum impact.

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