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Vince Jö-Nés

London's Original CYBER Artist, Vincent C. J. Jö-Nés is internationally recognised for transforming end-of-life electronic components & found objects into his interactive sculptures resembling 'Futuristic  Artifacts'.

His artworks have been exhibited in many prestigious institutions worldwide, including Tate Modern, the Art Institute of Chicago, & the Museum of Science & Industry. Vince also created London's famous CyberDog sculptures, which have remained an extremely popular tourist attraction among those who visit Camden.


Vince Jö-Nés


Using phosphorescent & phosphorescent pigments, Vince's artwork is created to be seen in normal ambient lighting. Then, when lights are turned off, they glow brightly in the dark. When UV lights are turned on, hidden colours, fluorescent with the magic of a rainbow appear. 


As London's Original CYBER Artists Vince's visual interactive installations also launched the 1st retail presentation of Punky Fish, the Collective, Cyber Market & other highly successful shops, including special projects for Sony, Nike, Harrods, International Sci. Fi. Conventions & Local Charity Projects.


If you would like to get your hands on a custom-made CYBER Artwork by Vincent Jö-Nés, please get in touch for more details.

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