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Mainly working with digitally-created abstract collages and then with analogue, Ryan McDonagh utilised his time during the Covid 19 pandemic to create a new meaning for materials that would otherwise be thrown away and destroyed.

“It seemed like an approach that made sense in the current times we are living in, that using what is around us by repurposing for something new held more answers than questions. The shapes themselves are abstracted colour forms, but the words are left for interpretation; parts of sentences and feelings inspired by the pandemic, and also from getting 'Long Covid, which involved finding the humour and darkness in everything, but overall feeling grateful to create work in the present. The words can be either decided by the viewer or not - because at the end of the day it's all about what others choose to see.”


(is there anybody) out there_.jpg
(remember to) hear both sides.jpg
is there a message to be seen (here).jpg
(It has been a) long time (nice to see you again).jpg

Ryan McDonagh



Manchester artist Ryan McDonagh (born.1992 UK) graduated from the Royal College of Art in 2019.


Since then, not only has he been re-purposing disused materials to create his collages, but he is currently investigating how to reuse natural elements within his artworks.



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