"My fun and colourful panoramic mixed media works in the form of a queue are the perfect platform for me to showcase my imaginary characters and love of fashion. However now older and wiser I am much more sustainable in my approach and aim to put the spotlight on the consumerism culture of today provoked continuously by advertising hence the use of glossy fashion magazines.


Initially created in a quick, unplanned, playing around with materials way, they were spotted by Guy Portelli (famous sculptor from BBC’s Dragon’s Den in 2008 ) at Edinburgh ArtFair in 2015. After some mentoring and encouragement from him they have gone from strength to strength and are fast becoming my best selling works.


Starting from an initial drizzle of nail polish these personalities are gradually built up and brought to life. Fashion prints are collated to create colour based assemblages and then photocopied onto cartridge paper. The clothing is then torn into outfits, fixed to the canvas and then further worked on with ink, acrylics and additional nail polish. Then the embellishment of accessories cut straight from glossy fashion magazines finishes of the stylish ensemble, very similar to the ‘Paper Dolls’ many of us were familiar with as children.


My integration of concept, colour and form express my aspirations of getting closer to the playful spirit of creativity and I aim to evoke a feeling of nostalgia, potentially finding the characters have similarities to people we know or possibly even ourselves.


I often choose a theme or place as the back drop striving to construct a strong eye catching narrative depicting 21st century styles, cultures and behaviours.


My latest series has seen me using resin as a finishing medium to allow the viewer to get even closer to the work to appreciate the detail and textures within yet ensuring longevity concurrently."


-----------Product Information------------


Mixed Media on Stretched Canvas. Professionally set in a white lacquered wooden frame. This artwork is created from one issue of Vogue magazine (October 2013). The artwork is made up of selected pieces of the magazine to create a fusion of fashion and culture.


The packaged product will arrive with the remainder of the original magazine.


This Artwork has been finished in resin for effect and to ensure longevity. There is no glass which helps with shipping and allows the viewer to get closer to the art.


Total size including Frame 106cm x 46cm.


This piece of art is professionally framed, strung and ready to hang. Please seek professional advice when attaching fixings to hang pictures.


Price includes UK delivery only.


Please contact for International and European delivery costs.


Any questions please contact via email info@paintedturtlegalleries.com.


10% of Painted Turtle's profits from this artwork will be donated to Plastic Oceans via Work for Good.

Vogue Quirky Queue October 2013 (Wendy Helliwell)