A3 Limited Edition Screenprint - signed, titled, numbered & ready to frame.


Living near the coast is a huge privilege and getting to see seals in the wild is amazing. They are the most widely distributed species of pinniped and are found in coastal waters of the northern Atlantic, Pacific Oceans, Baltic and North Seas. Unfortunately, these have started to decrease in numbers over the past few years.


Females outlive males (30–35 years versus 20–25 years). Harbour seals stick to familiar resting spots or haul-out sites, generally rocky areas where they are protected from adverse weather conditions and predation, near a foraging area. Females bear a single pup after a nine-month gestation, which they care for alone.


All prints are completed on post-consumer paper using fade resistant black ink, acrylic paints, and ‘Sugar Ironlak’ spraypaint (which replaces petroleum with sugar), making it better for the lower ozone layer - and for the lungs! They are all manually hand stencilled, individually over-printed, embossed and come backed on cardboard and sealed in a clear compostable slip.


10% of profits from this artwork will be donated to Plastic Oceans via Work for Good.

Seals Off The Shore (Dylan Bell)