A2 Limited Edition painting of  Manu Bay in New Zealand.


Signed, titled, numbered & ready to frame.


With west coast surf waves out to the horizon, and looking past the cabbage trees and kanuka down to the point break, a clean and inviting decorative image. A great piece to brighten a space.


Completed on post-consumer paper using acrylic paints, and ‘Sugar Ironlak’ spraypaint (which replaces petroleum with sugar), making it better for the lower ozone layer - and for the lungs! Comes sealed in a clear compostable slip.


UK shipping included. For shipping outside of the UK, please contact the gallery at info@paintedturtlegalleries.com before purchase.


10% of Painted Turtle's profits from this artwork will be donated to Plastic Oceans via Work for Good.

Raglan (Dylan Bell)