A3 Limited Edition Spraypaint Stencil - signed, titled, numbered & ready to frame.


Each layer of colour is sprayed through a hand-cut stencil to slowly build up the layers ad depth. Quintessential country game bird, and a bird found all over the world, the pheasants plumage is an impressive display, captured here in bright layers of spray paint. The recent increase in pheasants bred for gaming has lead to a huge decrease in adders, which are largely consumed by these birds.


Completed using acrylic paints, and ‘Sugar Ironlak’ spraypaint (which replaces petroleum with sugar), making it better for the lower ozone layer - and for the lungs! 


UK shipping included. For shipping outside of the UK, please contact the gallery at info@paintedturtlegalleries.com before purchase.


10% of Painted Turtle's profits from this artwork will be donated to Plastic Oceans via Work for Good.

Pheasant (Dylan Bell)