Dimensions: 12 cm x 11 cm x 11 cm.


Sculpture made from an upcycled Nemo toy set in resin, with an anemone made from plastic beer can rings. Clownfish are on the IUCN red list.


This artwork intends to raise awareness of the declining number of clownfish and sea anemones in our oceans today. Clownfish live in anemones for protection, and both are steadily declining in numbers due to increased CO2, sea acidification and warming seas.


Price includes UK shipping. For shipping outside the UK, please contact the gallery at info@paintedturtlegalleries.com before purchase.


10% of profits from this artwork will be donated to Plastic Oceans via Work for Good.

Nemo's Plastic Beer Ring Anemone (Sculpture) - (Scapa Joe)