These one-of-a-kind earrings are made from more than a decade of solid graffiti paint.


  • Made with 100% nickel free surgical steel.
  • Durable, recycled and sustainable.
  • Always a unique one-of-a-kind piece of street art.


Every piece of graffiti was hand-carved from the wall, assembled and crafted into a wearable piece of street art history.


The material was salvaged from Holland’s largest and most predominant legal graffiti wall: the “Princes Irene tunnel” in Delft. This material is composed of decades’ worth of paint that was sprayed on by street artists from all over the world. It chronicles our rich graffiti history, and carries with it a piece of the Dutch street art soul. The thick layer of paint hides a wealth of different colors and patterns.


By editing the material it reveals its endless layers that overlap in a wavy pattern. The effect, a pallet of random colors and patterns that might reminds us of marble, geological patterns, psychedelics and more.


Price includes P&P (UK only). If you would like to purchase from abroad, please contact the gallery at: to discuss shipping costs.


10% of profits from this artwork will be donated to Plastic Oceans via Work for Good.

Graffiti Studs (Triangle), by Koen Noordenbos