A2 Limited Edition Spraypaint Stencil of a Coconut Palm on white background - signed, titled, numbered & ready to frame.


This sunny coconut palm will bring a summer feel to your home, bringing memories of sandy toes, bikinis and pina coladas your way. Hang this original cocos painting on your wall, and relax beneath it. The consumption of coconut oil can, however, be very unsustainable if bought from the wrong sources, as farms can often replace the natural biodiveristy with these trees in order to maintain a constant stream of product. This takes it's toll on the soil, and farmers often turn to chemical fertilisers to boost their productivity.


Completed using acrylic paints, and ‘Sugar Ironlak’ spraypaint (which replaces petroleum with sugar), making it better for the lower ozone layer - and for the lungs! 


UK shipping included. For shipping outside of the UK, please contact the gallery at info@paintedturtlegalleries.com before purchase.


10% of Painted Turtle's profits from this artwork will be donated to Plastic Oceans via Work for Good.

    Cocos Nucifera (Coconut Palm) - (Dylan Bell)