This small batch A3 Mackerel print has a huge range of layered colour built up, shown in the margin with the colour register key. Signed and numbered, it comes in a fun vertical composition and with the shimmer of the metallic silver it looks so life-like.


Originally a pagan symbol of fertility and continuity, the Atlantic mackerel are emblematic of affluence and profusion. Sleek, agile and beautifully patterned, they have been a long-term favourite, however their numbers have begun to decrease due to overfishing.


Completed using acrylic paints, and ‘Sugar Ironlak’ spraypaint (which replaces petroleum with sugar), making it better for the lower ozone layer - and for the lungs! 


UK shipping included. For shipping outside of the UK, please contact the gallery at before purchase.


10% of Painted Turtle's profits from this artwork will be donated to Plastic Oceans via Work for Good.

    Atlantic Mackerel (Dylan Bell)