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Nancy D Lane

Found object assemblage artist Nancy D Lane is committed to sustainability in her arts practice. She creates works that range in size from miniature brooches to large sculptural installations, using the wood, tile, metal and plastic she collects on her daily walks.

Her works have been described variously as ‘quirky’, ‘imaginative’, ‘environmentally aware’, ‘industrial’ and ‘geometric’ – and occasionally, even ‘beautiful’.

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Nancy D Lane (NancyDee Sculptures)


Nancy’s art is inspired by the challenge of happenstance. She uses only the materials she finds on the streets or beaches in Melbourne, Australia, where she resides, or in other cities where she works or travels.

She creates each of her sculptures by experimenting – laying out a selection of found objects on a piece of tile or wood, then reworking the layout over several days to observe the effect from different angles in different light. Her ‘palette’ is usually silver, rust, black and woodgrain. This creates a natural harmony and cohesiveness, encouraging viewers to note subtle variability in patterning and lustre.

Nancy works as an artist-in-residence at River Studios, a facility supported by the City of Melbourne. Her works have appeared in numerous solo and group exhibitions in Australia and Laos, and online in the US, UK and Europe. She has received two City of Melbourne arts grants and is the facilitator for Creativity Cluster, a group of nine women artists who exhibit together regularly.




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