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Lindsay is a textile artist.  She layers fabric and stitch to create work that is rich in texture, colour and detail. 


Her materials are fabric, re-purposed old doilies, napkins, tray cloths, etc. sourced from charity shops, and wool embroidery thread.  A couple of years ago Lindsay became aware that textile waste is the second biggest source of pollution in the world after plastic and so she resolved not to buy any new fabric. The wool thread must be bought new but wool is a sustainable/renewable material.


The fabric and ‘lace’ from the doilies etc. are layered onto a backing fabric then densely worked with hand embroidery using wool thread. This is a slow, meditative process that allows the work to emerge from the materials.  Lindsay hand-dyes the ‘lace’ and thread, and often the fabric, to create the variation in colour that also contributes to the complexity of her work. She loves embroidering with wool thread for the way it responds to her embroidery.

Untitled design (20).png

Lindsay Hussey


Lindsay’s works have appeared in group exhibitions in Australia.


She is a founding member of the Creativity Cluster, a group of nine women artists who regularly exhibit together. She is a member and tutor of the Embroiderers’ Guild of Victoria.

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