Koen Noordenbos

Koen Noordenbos, Dutch artist and founder of Koema, has an unrestrained love for waste materials. Working from his studio at the largest thrift store depot in Delft, he is surrounded by an infinite supply of second-hand products and materials.

Koen has an unusual eye for spotting undesigned and accidental beauty in functional elements and byproducts of mass produced consumer goods, outdated design, cultural traditions and even the expression of art in the public domain. His designs are a manifestation of his appreciation and fascination for the unexpected charm he finds in waste materials.


Koen Noordenbos


All items are harvested, selected and crafted by hand and are made to the largest possible extent out of recycled materials. Koen wants to inspire people to rediscover the aesthetic value of waste materials; to treasure them and wear them with pride.

"The process involved in making 'a thousand layers of paint' consists of four stages.


During the first stage, a location is spotted (a wall of graffiti which is planned to be torn down). The graffiti paint is stripped from the walls using giant paint scrapers and moved to my studio.


After all the pieces have been dried and cured to make them more even, everything will be sorted based on shape, size, thickness and quality. The more brittle pieces will be used by themselves for their amazing flaked and decayed look, others will be sanded down and polished.


During stage three, smaller or larger pieces will be sanded down to a flat surface, allowing for the desired and hidden layers of colours to emerge.


Finally, the select pieces can be carved into the desired shapes using a special modified bandsaw or multitool."