Kelsey Golder 

(Ursula's Uglies)

Kelsey Golder is a Brooklyn-based sculptor currently experimenting with old magazines. She loves reimagining would-be waste into something beautiful; it's like a puzzle!


Inspired by her love of unconventional beauty and the works of Henri Matisse, each sculpture is a study in organic motion that turns flat shapes into objects that have form, cast shadows, and reflect light. In this way, they mirror the form of our own bodies; how we move and curve in response to the elements around us. Kelsey is fascinated by intersectional environmentalism and hopes to continue exploring the relationship humans have with this planet. 

DOME I_1.jpeg

Kelsey Golder


Each sculpture is created using many layers of cutouts from recycled magazines which are adhered together with a sealer. After the form is done, the sculpture is painted and glazed to create a stunningly unique artwork ready for your wall!