Influenced by her love of movies and pop culture, Kelly creates analog collages by recycling a range of both vintage and discarded paper materials.


Kelly Sullivan is a Brighton based artist. The name Hagsploitation is a reference to the sub genre of movies that portray older, previously glamorous women as "unhinged spinsters". Her work takes in the glamour of Hollywood, popular culture, the pinup girl and the femme fatale and then cuts them into pieces, questioning ideas of perceived desirability of the female form.

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Kelly Sullivan



Much of Kelly's love of films and music came from her father. It was in his vast collection of vintage magazines, postcards, maps and calendars that she found her first source materials and inspiration to make collages. Repurposing other outdated, used and abandoned paper materials, Kelly is particularly drawn to the layering of colours and shapes to create new bold, striking and surreal images.