Freya Hollingbery

"It may be my dad's love of beer and my mum's love of the environment (and recycling) leading to the bountiful home-stock of shiny, pretty circles I grew up around, that led to my fascination with bottle tops.

I like to create pieces that have different 'layers' of interest. At a distance, intricate designs on the tops have more of a tonal effect on the top's predominant hue, allowing broad spectrums of colour, tone and reflection to juxtapose within the whole piece. But closer inspection of the individual bottle-tops can reveal the back stories of the origin of certain tops; perhaps particular brands of beer, or tops that are unique to a regional brewery, or a far distant shore, connect someone to a piece. 

The photos on this do not do justice to the 3-D quality of the pieces. The relief effect, the shadows and reflections through changing light, the buckling of some tops as they've been removed from bottles, the dynamic negative space between the irregular, crimped edges of the bottle-tops are important aspects of these art-works."

Calm Series.jpeg

Freya Hollingbery


Freya is a visual artist based in London and Somerset, who uses recycled bottle tops to create artworks that represent stories and paths of our lives. Freya uses bottle tops to explore the circularity of life through interconnected patterns and colour stemming from the bottletop medium's previous uses and origins. 

Each piece has an element of wonder that tricks the eye - with one bottle tops orientation flipped around compared to its relative circular or linear collective. Freya creates this deliberate deception to portray the imperfections of our existence no matter how complete they may seem. 


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