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Carl has a strong passion for the environment and a deep appreciation for the beauty of natural design. His work allows him to ‘collaborate’ with nature, in a sense, and highlights the weird and wonderful natural formations that can occur. He often sees shapes in the pieces of driftwood that lie on the shore in his current hometown of Wellington, New Zealand, and his driftwood sculptures serve as a homage to nature's creations, and to the beauty of the inner child and it's vivid imagination.

cark kelsall egg.png
carl kelsall bird and hole.png

Carl Kelsall


Originally from Manchester, Carl Kelsall moved to New Zealand in 2020, where he began experimenting with driftwood during the Covid-19 lockdown.


He likes to repurpose and reuse discarded items, and enjoys taking long walks on the beaches of Wellington where he continues to create his driftwood artworks.

Untitled design (17).png
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