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Image by Jeremy Bishop

We are proud to sponsor Plastic Oceans UK via Work

for Good, by donating 10% of all profits from art sales to support its mission to make our oceans plastic-free.

Calling All Artists!

 Are you interested in experimenting with sustainable alternatives in artistic practice? We are looking for artists who use recycled or upcycled materials to create their artworks for our next exhibitions, and we’d love to hear from you!

Who are we?

Painted Turtle is an award-winning art gallery and sales platform for emerging and semi-established sustainable artists from across the globe - making it easy for eco-conscious art lovers to find a great selection of more sustainable artworks all in one place.

How is our art sustainable?

With our ethos symbolic of the legend of the Cosmic Turtle, which supported the world upon its back, we act as a platform to encourage more eco-conscious attitudes towards recycling and upcycling within the art world and beyond, harnessing the influential power of art as a tool for creating positive change.

Our artists explore innovative methods of repurposing or recycling disused materials through their art practice, demonstrating the superfluity of wasteful consumerism. We also hold monthly art competitions open to all, to help encourage a different mindset towards ‘waste’ materials and greater sustainability in artistic practice.

As with most businesses, we are not fully sustainable nor do we claim to be. But we do aim to encourage artists to experiment with more sustainable materials in practice, raise awareness on environmental concerns, and help the environment through our donations.


Emily Chalmers


After struggling with ADHD and anxiety throughout my life, I graduated from the University of Edinburgh (ECA) in 2019, where I completed my Master’s degree in Modern and Contemporary Art: History, Curating, and Criticism, with a special focus on ephemeral art. I was also actively involved in the R Sustainable Social Enterprise, which explores sustainable alternatives in the fashion industry and beyond, where I eventually became Head of Sponsorship.


Learning about the latest explorations in material innovation greatly inspired me to set up an art gallery: one that supports artists who make sustainable choices in their artistic mediums, such as recycling or repurposing unwanted materials into art, giving back to the planet by encouraging a better attitude towards disused materials. After having accepted my ADHD as a part of who I am, and having found something I am deeply passionate about, I have now incorporated the positives of my neurodiversity into a slightly alternative career path.

I want to embark on my journey by setting up this gallery to not only support the environment, but also to hopefully encourage and inspire others struggling with ADHD or other neurodiversities.

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